Efficient Payment Processing Drives Rebate Opportunities

As a healthcare provider, you must always look for new ways to improve efficiency, streamline operations and reduce costs. GHX ePay automates and streamlines all stages of the payment process across your trading partner network – enabling greater efficiency and more early payment discounts. Automating payment processing with ePay supports your strategic goals to improve cash management and accelerate the availability to cash.

“Those hospital customers that have automated payments through the GHX ePay solution view us as a supplier that is easy to do business with. Our team finds it very easy to use.


It is far easier to train staff on the ePay solution because it is automated, versus training for credit card acceptance, which is largely manual.”


— Susan Fletcher, Accounting Supervisor


Leverage healthcare’s largest pre-established supplier payment network

GHX provides you access to a healthcare-focused network of key suppliers not available with other payment solutions. You can leverage pre-established discount terms and control payment flow based on the “best value” payment option offered by your suppliers. You don’t have to negotiate or wait to start saving money with automated accountability and compliance to these supplier initiatives for various modes of payment allowing you flexibility to maximize rebate opportunities.

Features & Benefits

  • Gain transparency, consistency and predictability with cloud-based technology
  • Boost efficiency by implementing payments immediately, seamlessly and only one time into a single file to pay all suppliers
  • Shift personnel to more value-added projects with a streamlined process
  • Find rebates or extended payment options for various modes of settlement — even with suppliers that don’t accept cards
  • Work with your existing banking partners or leverage GHX’s multi-bank network to support flexibility
  • Improve trading partner relationships with flexible payment options that work for all partners
Is your e-payable solution preparing you for tomorrow?

Product Information

ePay for providers: Optimize payment processing across your entire trading partner network to enable more early-pay discounts, reduce costs and achieve an efficient reconciliation process.